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Alrighty. I stole this list of prompts from 1sentence (theme set…

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Alrighty. I stole this list of prompts from 1sentence (theme set beta) Even though i'm not participating in thier challenge, i wanted them anyway. Its my goal to write a story, be it origional or fanfic for each one of these promps. Wish me luck.

001.Walking 002.Waltz 003.Wishes 004.Wonder 005.Worry
006.Whimsy 007.Waste/
008.Whiskey and Rum 009.War 010.Weddings
011.Birthday 012.Blessing 013.Bias 014.Burning 015.Breathing
016.Breaking 017.Belief 018.Balloon 019.Balcony 020.Bane
021.Quiet 022.Quirks 023.Question 024.Quarrel 025.Quitting
026.Jump 027.Jester 028.Jousting 029.Jewel 030.Just
031.Smirk 032.Sorrow 033.Stupidity 034.Serenade 035.Sarcasm
036.Sordid 037.Soliloquy 038.Sojourn 039.Share 040.Solitary
041.Nowhere 042.Neutral 043.Nuance 044.Near 045.Natural
046.Horizon 047.Valiant 048.Virtuous 049.Victory 050.Defeat
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On January 19th, 2006 05:36 pm (UTC), nakeisha commented:
I wish you luck - especially if some of them turn out to be G/D stories :-)))
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On January 20th, 2006 05:50 pm (UTC), musesmumblings replied:
:D thanks
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