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Title: Peanut Butter Rating: G Author: amaya_kumiko Archive:…

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Title: Peanut Butter
Rating: G
Author: amaya_kumiko
Archive: ask please
Spoilers: none
Challenge: none
Summary: Who doesn't love peanut butter in the morning?
DISCLAIMER: I don't own NCIS or anyhting slightly related. If you sue me, you will get nothing but a young girls slashy immagination. just warnin' ya.
Pairing: Tony and Tim. Wish all you want, but it will still be Tony and Tim. :)
A/N: My first real 100 word drabble. (but only if you count peanut-buttery as one word. lol) Comment please, I would like need the criticism
X-posted: ncis_drabble

Tim stood at the sink in a white tee and light blue boxers. He scratched his stomach and streched a little; he was hungry.

Grabbing a spoon and a jar he unscrewed the lid and dug out a mound of peanut butter. Smelling the comforting aroma, he happily stuck the spoon in his mouth.

A moment later Tony padded in wearing silky black boxers.

"Mornin' Baby," he said through a yawn and a stretch.

Not noticing Tim's mumbled peanut-buttery reply, Tony pulled him in for their good morning kiss.

When they parted Tony licked his lips and smiled.

"Mmm... peanut butter."
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